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There are only two certainties in life, death and taxes.  We are aging from the minute we’re born.  The explosion in the senior market will continue to grow well into the 21st century.  One of the reasons is due to the baby boomers that will be seniors.  This is referred to as the ‘age wave’.  Life expectancy has increased.  2030 will see 70 million people who are 65 and older according to the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the fastest growing senior segment are those over 85 and living to over 100 has increased dramatically.

The Certified Senior Advisor addresses many of the aging issues of seniors, caregivers, and the family.  You can rely on the expertise of the CSA, and their professional network to provide the information necessary to give them confidence and control of their lives.

Some of the professionals that are in our network:

  • Elder-law attorneys
  • Estate Planning attorneys
  • Insurance – can be a very important estate planning tool
  • Reverse mortgage experts
  • Health care providers
  • Health care facilities
  • Investment advisor

These are some of the issues that seniors, caregivers, and their families should ask themselves:

  • Do you have enough money to retire?
  • Do you have enough money to last for the duration of retirement?
  • Are you financially able to maintain your home?
  • Are you physically able to stay in your home?
  • Do you want to be a burden to your children?
  • Do you have the right team working on your behalf?
If you answered no to any of the above questions, contact us today.

We create solutions for your concerns.




Become a Frugal Millionaire with Brenda Hendrickson – Guest Appearance on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio Show

Become a Frugal Millionaire with Brenda Hendrickson on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio ShowScottsdale, Arizona-Heather Wagenhals, Executive Producer and host of, Libsyn’s Popular Money Show interviews Frugal Millionaire Expert, Brenda Hendrickson.

Click here to listen to the show archive (scroll down the page and press play on the player)  in which Heather and Certified Senior Advisor Hendrickson express necessary information that will give you confidence and control of your financial life.

The personal finance radio show, specializing in a unique brand of financial literacy, originally aired worldwide on the Libsyn platform on Friday January 24th, 2014 at 9 am (PST).  Brenda Hendrickson is the author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth. Listen anytime to the inspiring interview on how to be smart with our money and becoming a frugal millionaire!


Gain control of your financial health for retirement with a budget

gain_control_of_your_financial_health_for_retirement_with_a_budgetTwo financial reports are a must throughout life but are critical at and during retirement. They are the Net Worth and Income Statements which give you information about your financial health. As we age, our health changes and so does our financial health. We take the necessary steps to keep us physically sound, so must we take proactive steps to secure a sound retirement.

A tried and true method is called a budget, and the word ‘budget’ strikes fear in the hearts of many.

But think of it as a tool to keep you on the straight and narrow to achieving your goals. Remember that a budget is not written in stone. Income and expenses are never static. A budget is a flexible tool that changes as income and expenditures change. The most important advantage to budgeting is gaining control of your financial health especially at or during retirement where there are unique challenges.



Businesswoman & Author Teaches Frugality

brenda hendrickson - talk about the Frugal MillionaireROCKAWAY TWP. – Township accountant and author Brenda Hendrickson knows how to help people improve their financial situations and achieve millionaire status by retirement.

In 2005, while working with a client who was refinancing a house, Hendrickson says she realized that when businesses become worthless and wealth is decimated, the best way to combat the situation financially is to be “frugal.”

In 2008, she self-published a book, “How To Be A Frugal Millionaire: Eight Simple Steps to Creating Personal Wealth.”

For Hendrickson, her book is a way for people to see some light beyond the bad numbers they find on bank statements and in their checkbooks.

“There is still hope to create wealth by taking small little steps in reducing expenses,” said Hendrickson.

One example cited is “live below your means.”

“You do not have to keep up with the Jones,” she writes.

Secondly, she advises one to stop and ask a question before making a purchase.

“Do you need it or want it?  This can reduce impulse buying,” she says.

Hendrickson also says that her book can teach people how to reach millionaire status, while providing hope for the future.

“I like to see the whole family participate in frugalism  and make a positive example for the next generation.”

The book contains eight simple steps to help readers generate money through a frugal lifestyle. They include changing a negative attitude into a positive money-making attitude, using frugal millionaire habits in your own personal way and 23 simple steps in accumulating wealth.

Other topics include “Finding your dream house by using frugal millionaire tips” and “Implementing simple, yet powerful, strategies for your retirement plan.

“101 easy ways to conserve wealth and become rich” and “Learning to Follow the wealth principles” are other chapters.

Since its publication, Hendrickson has been involved in many literary events to promote the philosophy of her book and teach people how to live a frugal lifestyle to their own benefit. She has also attended book readings and signings, seminars at colleges, while giving classes on subjects such as finances, publishing, and retirement.

“My book has brought me creditability,” said Hendrickson.

“It made me stand out from other accountants.”

“How To Be A Frugal Millionaire” was recently re-published as an e-book.

Originally from middle-class family in Manhattan, Hendrickson attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, and a certificate in Certified Financial Planning, and grew up living frugally herself. She had then worked in firms of civil engineering and construction management.

Hendrickson and her husband, Howard, lived in Cedar Grove,  where she opened her own accounting and tax practice. She sold that successful tax practice in 2009 forming Brenda Hendrickson, CSA, LLC, an accounting firm in Fairfield,  which specializes in the senior and estate markets.

However, aside from using her calculator at work, Hendrickson still puts her pen to paper.

She is a contributing author for the book “Big, Bold Business Advice” (2013), where she wrote a chapter BBB-book-cover-no-100-1on accounting and bookkeeping techniques.

Hendrickson has also written for magazines and newspapers, hoping to one day have her own column about living frugally with a Q&A section on the frugal lifestyle.

“It’s possible to succeed by being frugal,” said Hendrickson.

Because of her work experiences, Hendrickson has received numerous acclaims and awards, including the NJBIZ 2009 50 Best Women in Business and the NJAWBO 2008 Business Woman of the Year award.

Furthermore, Hendrickson has been involved in many groups and organizations, including the National Society of Accountants and the National Association of Tax Professionals. She is also a past president for the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, and still on the board as a member of the group’s Annual Diversity Event Committee.

She has live din the township  the past two years.

The couple has a son,  Christopher, a daughter-in-law and four grandchildren.

The businesswoman continues her work as an accountant and as an author, still teaching all those she encounters that everyone needs “to be frugal in order to survive these present and future economic roller coasters.”

She also teaches everyone not to squander any potential opportunities in their lives.

“You take advantage of opportunities as they come by,” said Hendrickson.

“Opportunities come your way and you have to see them and take advantage of them.”